News for Christmas period 2018

Our Christmas themed Monday Café will be held on Monday the 26th November.

The Café will be closed on Monday the 24th December and Monday the 31st December.

The Defibrillator which is sited at the Grenoside Bowling Club has been moved to the Reading Room for the winter. It will return to the Bowling Club next April ready for the 2019 season.

The Refreshment Donations made on Remembrance Day at the Reading Room raised £70 which has been sent to the Chapeltown Branch of the Royal British Legion.Thanks to all who made donations.

We had a wonderful Grenoside Christmas Tree Festival at the Reading Room last December. The Festival will be held in St Mark’s Church this year on the 1st and 2nd of December. Please enter your group or organisation. We wish the Festival every success.

You can also find us on both Facebook and Twitter!

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Games Afternoons at the Reading Room

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Forthcoming Reading Room Events Autumn and Christmas 2018

Monday Café:
The Reading Room is open on Mondays from 11.45am to 3.00pm, for home-made soup and a roll, home-made cakes, teas and coffees. Please come and have a look around, all welcome. FREE

This year's Annual Christmas Themed Café will be held on Monday 26th November.

The Café will be closed on Monday the 24th December and Monday the 31st December.

The new exhibition on display in the Reading Room is “How we once lived.”
Many thanks once again to the Grenoside and District Local History Group for their work in providing such a wonderful exhibition.

Winter Indoor Games
Weekly afternoon winter indoor games sessions now on Thursdays 1pm to 4pm
We are beginning with Bridge and Chess.
Other games under consideration include backgammon, card games, scrabble and others.

Grenoside Languages Group:  The next meeting will be on Wednesday 28th November at 1.45 pm (See event)


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Heritage Open Days 2018

Heritage Open Days this year will take place over 2 weekends!
September 6th to 9th and the following weekend 13th to 16th

This year’s theme is Extraordinary Women. We will be having various events as follows:

Thursday 6th September 7.00 pm Talk by Florence Rayner - Margaret Gatty: Author, Botanist, Innovator and Vicar's Wife

Friday 7th September 7.00 pm A Musical Evening with John and Vic Bowden and Friends

Saturday 8th September 11.00 am to 3.00 pm "Willow Weaving for all"

Thursday 13th September 7.00pm Talk by George Clark - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Wit, Poet and Traveller

The crucible steel furnace cellar at Topside, Grenoside, dating from 1797 will also be open for visits between 7th and 16th September. Booking is essential: please contact Helen Jackson 0114 246 3162  Email:

Download the event flyer here: Heritage Open Days 2018

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Christmas Tree Festival Success

The 1st Grenoside Christmas Tree Festival was a huge success! It was a fantastic weekend with 25 trees beautifully decorated. Over 300 voting slips were completed with the Reading Rooms tree (made out of books) voted the best tree!

Thanks to all who made donations, to the War Memorial Fund, during the Christmas Tree Festival held at the Reading Room. Over £700 was raised, The proceeds of the Raffle are still to be added to the total. Further donations to the fund can be made by cheque made payable to Ecclesfield Parish Council (war memorial fund).

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WWI and WWII Additions to Grenoside War Memorial

An Appeal from David Pepper:

It came to light 2015 that some of our brave men that went to war from, or were born in Grenoside, have had their names missed off the cenotaph at the bottom of Norfolk Hill, Grenoside. No criticism of the original committee is either made or intended. They were tasked with a very difficult job, as there would have been such an emotional outcry as to who should be included at a time of great emotion. Theirs was a truly difficult task.

A small group of people from Grenoside have come together in an effort to put the omissions right. We have now obtained formal permission to have the missing names of all those who served who died or were killed in action during WW I and WW II added to the Grenoside Village Memorial.

After much discussion and advice from a stone mason, it would appear the WWII stone can be turned over and reused by re sizing the wording and bringing the letter (font) size in line with the original WWI sizing. The WWI names to be added can be put on the back face of the cenotaph but this will mean a lot of onsite work. The initial costings are approximately £10,000. Detailed quotes are being obtained, and alternative cheaper methods are being looked into.

The next huge step is to raise enough money for this to happen!
Therefore fund raising must start urgently if we are going to reach our goal of having everyone’s names added before our deadline of November 11th 2018. So we would ask anyone who has an interest or believes they can help, even if you would just like to make a donation, however small, to please contact us. We will, in due course have more information and will give updates as to our progress.

Please get in touch with either myself David Pepper on 01142467859 or Alan Hooper on 01142463692 or e mail:

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Helping to Maintain the Character of Grenoside

As part of the Heritage Open Days national celebration of 50 years of Conservation Areas, there will be a chance to look back to the work of local volunteers which led to the formation of Grenoside Conservation Society and to some of its achievements.

An evening event is planned at the Reading Room for Thursday 7th September at 7.30pm. It is hoped that past and present members of the Society and others who have contributed to its work will be able to attend and contribute their own memories.

David Dulieu, a founder member, and current chair Megan Smith will introduce the evening. They will recall some of the leading figures from the earlier years as well as activities which have left their mark on the village. These include building the Great Wall of Grenoside, establishing Grenoside Green and the longstanding work programme which has helped enhance the local woodlands. There will be a small display of pictures from the past and additional items for display will be welcomed.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the work of the Society or contributing to our practical conservation work, will find the evening informative. New members are always welcome. For further information, please contact David (0114 2468757) or Megan (0114 246 7362).

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Dora Burkinshaw – An Appreciation by Andy Rickards

Following the passing of my dear friend and neighbour Dora Burkinshaw donations totalling £358 were made to Grenoside Reading Room, a cause close to Dora's heart.

I have known Dora since the 1960s when, as a small boy, I visited my Great Aunts, the formidable “Misses Ashton” next door on Woodside Lane. She was always kind and interested in us all. Our friendship continued until my own children, nieces, and nephews christened her “Dora the Explorer” after the popular television character.

My family and other Grenoside residents have had the privilege of being Dora's neighbours and friends, often sitting in her garden as she rested from her frequent weeding expeditions, drinking ginger beer or strong tea, whilst the children availed themselves of her never-ending supply of chocolate.

Dora's life story is an interesting one. She was born in 1918 as a blacksmith's daughter and she worked at Grenoside Hospital as Matron's Maid, for Lady Mabel Smith at Barnes Hall during WWII and for Arnold Scholey's dental practice in Firvale. She experienced happy times camping in the Lake District as well as sadness at the loss of her husband Stan, far too early in their lives. Her ability to live with so little and still be happy always impressed me.

As she became less mobile over the last few years she relied on visitors to let her know how things were going in Grenoside. She was always interested in the building work at the Reading Room and, once completed, she would ask me about the activities and the Monday Cafe (she particularly enjoyed the left-over lemon cake).

Thanks to Dora, her family and friends the funds raised will pay for new blinds to enable films and slides to be shown and to keep the sun at bay during the summer, which will be much appreciated by all our users for many years to come.
Andy Rickards
Grenoside Reading Room

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